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Our Mission

Established in 2016, Muskaan Care Trust NZ is committed to the principle of "equal value in all lives" and the ethos of 'Leaving No One Behind.' Our mission is to empower individuals facing disadvantages or setbacks in life, including those living with different abilities (disabilities), health challenges, psychological/emotional and mental health conditions, individuals not currently in employment, education or training, women, new migrants/former refugees, and ex-offenders seeking to reintegrate into society. We serve as a bridge, fostering cultural and linguistic concordance between high-needs communities, wider society, government, and health and social services for their welfare.

Muskaan Care Trust NZ is guided by the principles of humility, equality, and inclusivity. Our mission is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all New Zealanders by advancing humanity, education, culture, social welfare, health, wellbeing and promoting human rights. We are committed to ensuring that every New Zealander enjoys optimal well-being, contributing to strong and healthy communities in Aotearoa.

We actively strive to identify and fund impactful solutions that can mitigate social, wellbeing and health inequities, providing everyone with the opportunity to lead healthy, meaningful, and progressive lives. Collaboration and forming alliances are integral to our approach, aimed at supporting innovative initiatives, expanding existing programs, and reaching out to those who are most in need.

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